Medical Spanish and practices

These courses are intended for students at the beginners, intermediate and advanced language levels. They are specially designed for people currently employed in the medical field or students planning a career in health-related fields (such as medicine, nursing, pharmacology, radiographic technology, physical therapy or dentistry).
They are also useful for people working as receptionists or office managers in a medical facility. Visits to public hospitals are included as part of the course. Volunteer work is also possible.

Depending on their level of Spanish*** students will be placed in one of the following options:

  • Intensive Spanish + Health
    Duration: One month. Three days per week of Spanish classes and one day per week of Spanish for Health. Spanish Pre-requisite: A1
  • Intensive Health
    Duration: One month. Four days per week of Spanish for Health providers. The course includes visits to medical institutions, public hospitals and cultural fieldtrips. Spanish Pre-requisite: B1
  • Regular Health Course
    Duration: 16 weeks. One class per week of Spanish for specific purposes (Health Care) plus the regular Spanish course. This course is specially designed for students who are already registered in Spanish regular courses and need extra preparation in Spanish for specific purposes. Pre-requisite: none