LabOSat: a customized Lab On a Satellite

Your experiment in the space!

What is LabOSat?

LabOSat stands for "Laboratory On a Satellite". It is an electronic platform to perform experiments in harsh environments such as outer space, low pressure - low temperature conditions or under big doses of radiation. LabOSat-01 is the first version of the platform and it is designed to harbour devices to be tested electrically under these kind of conditions. Inside LabOSat-01, there is a module, called MeMOSat, which forces with voltage or current customized sweeps on ReRAM devices and can be easily adapted to any device.

This module, can run endurance tests to study how extreme conditions degrade the samples. It's predecessor, MeMOSat-1 launched on June 2014, is up and running inside the Tita satellite, a BugSat manufactured by the argentinian company Satellogic which is presently in a LEO (Low Earth Orbit) at approximately 500 km.

LabOSat board  Devices


Is it already working?

Currently, two boards LabOSat-01 are being integrated on the new satellites that the company is developing and there is a third board executing the programmed experiments in our labs as control sample.

Can I use it for my devices?

Yes! The LabOSat-01 board contains two types of experiments to study radiation hardness performance and a third experiment can be added in an external connector to perform custom experiments. We have the capability to perform voltage and current sweeps plus endurance test over electronic devices in a configurable and portable platform for harsh environment.

Who participates in this project?

The LabOSat project is the fusion of basic and applied research teams working on ReRAM devices. The project is supported by public argentinian institutions such as CNEA, INTI, UNSAM, UBA and CONICET.

This project aimes to develop a low cost, low weight, portable and configurable platform to test Resistive Switching samples in aggressive environments, particularly in space where radiation is one of the sources that can induce variations in the behaviour of memory devices.

Currently, LabOSat is a universal electronic platform capable of performing In Orbit Validation of generic devices to test their radiation hardness.

Contact us: labosat@unsam.edu.ar

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