LabOSat: a customized Lab On a Satellite

Related publications

  • LabOSat: Low cost measurement platform designed for hazardous environments 
    Work presented in 2016 at CASE congress. Article and poster.
  • LabOSat: Instrumentation for testing electronic devices in hostile environments 
    Work presented in 2016 at EAMTA school at the poster session. Download.
  • MeMOSat-01, a nonvolatile ReRAM performance experiment in low Earth orbit 
    Work presented in 2014 at the poster session of the SERESSA school. See the abstract.
  • Several pre-prints of already published works of the group here.
  • Repository of Resistive Switching papers here.
  • Several works presented at the XIII Encuentro Nacional de Superficies y Materiales Nanoestructurados in 2013. 
    See the abstracts (spanish).