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Open Chair Azucena Villaflor

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This Chair intends to offer a space where students from UNSAM and the San Martín community will have the opportunity to discuss Human Rights from a historic and contextualised viewpoint.

Photographic exhibition WOMEN IN COLECTIVE ACTION

LABOR, RIGHTS AND CITIZENSHIP, Argentina in the 20th century. September, 2008

Video: “DEMOCRATIZACIÓN, CIUDADANÍA Y DERECHOS HUMANOS” [Democratization, Citizenship, and Human Rights] In real time, the video shows how UNSAM works for the democratization of male-female relations from a democratization and human rights approach.

Between April and July 2005, the British Council, the  Civil Rights Association and UNSAM held a photo exhibition entitled “La Mirada Justa” in the Hall of the School of Humanities. It was aimed at arousing awareness of the exercise and denial of civil, social, and political rights in Argentina.
Dissemination of news, interviews, and commemorations related to Human Rights at www.unsam.edu.ar

Interviews with Estela de Carlotto and Nora Cortiñas by Graciela Di Marco, in De lo privado a lo público. 30 años de la lucha ciudadana de las mujeres en América Latina. (Co-ordinated by Natalie Lebon and Elizabeth Maier. Published by UNIFEM, LASA and Siglo XXI)

Interview with Hebe de Bonafini (Asociación Madres de Plaza de Mayo), by Graciela Di Marco.