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Academic Board

  • Víctor Abramovich, University of Buenos Aires and National University of Lanus (Argentina). Inter-American Commission of Human Rights, OAS.
  • Dora Barrancos, University of Buenos Aires and University of Quilmes (Argentina).
  • Enrique Corti, National University of  San Martín (Argentina).
  • María Herminia Di Liscia, National University of  La Pampa (Argentina).
  • Ernesto Laclau, University of Essex (GB) – National University of San Martín (Argentina).
  • Diana Maffia, University of Buenos Aires, Instituto Hanna Arendt (Argentina)
  • Maxine Molyneux, University of London (GB).
  • Juan Méndez, International Center for Transitional Justice (U.S.) – Special Counsellor for the Prevention of Genocide, UNO.
  • Sara Poggio, University of Maryland (U.S.).
  • Verónica Schild, University of Western Ontario (Canada).
  • Federico Schuster, University of Buenos Aires (Argentina).