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Member of:
UNESCO Chairs Network on Women's Studies and Gender Research

Inter-University Network on Gender Studies, Democratization and Human Rights

Inter-University Network on Democratization, Social Policy, Gender and Work.

CLACSO Network of Masters in Children and Youth. REDINJU.

Co-coordination CLACSO'S WORKING GROUP: Familia y Género en dinámicas trasnacionales y locales, together with Universidad de Caldas. 2013-2015

The Centro de Estudios sobre Democratización y Derechos Humanos (CEDEHU) [Centre of Studies on Democratization and Human Rights] intends to:

  1. Do research and make theoretical and empirical contributions to the field of rights and social democratization, with special emphasis on gender equality and on the rights of children and adolescents.
  2. Provide training in Democratization and Human Rights issues, seeking to achieve a balance between a high academic level and an ethical and political commitment to democratic values.
  3. Promote and defend Human Rights.
  4. Collaborate with social and governmental actors in the formulation of plans, programs, projects, and social interventions that may aid achievement of Human Rights and social democratization.