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Past Activities

Technical Assistance
  • 2006: Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology. Selection of three experts to monitor the National Programme for the Prevention of HIV-AIDS in Schools.

  • 2005: National Council for Childhood, Adolescence, and Family. Design and pilot implementation of the Programme for the Strengthening of the Institutions.

  • 2000-03.Programme for the Democratisation and Strengthening of Family Relationships. Purpose: to contribute to social policies aimed at Family Democratisation. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires and Provinces of Chaco Buenos Aires, Jujuy, Misiones, Tucumán. Supported by UNICEF.

    Book Democratización de las familias. Estrategias y alternativas para la implementación de programas sociales


  • 2006: Training for The Democratisation of Family Relationships and Human Rights for Movimientos de Trabajadores Desocupados [Movements of Unemployed Workers]. Supported by the British Council.
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  • 2005-06: PROFAM Programme. Consejo Nacional de la Mujer [Women’s National Council]. In association with Fundación Mujeres en Igualdad [Women in Equality Foundation] and Fundación Alicia Moreau de Justo (San Martín, Chaco). Training of agents to create a ‘mushroom effect’ and implementation of community play spaces in  San Martín, Chaco.
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    Fundación Mujeres en Igualdad
    Consejo Nacional de la Mujer

  • 2005: Seminar: Democratisation, Citizenship, and Human Rights, supported by the National Secretariat of Human Rights, with the participation of government officials from the Secretariat of Social Development and the Judiciary of the San Martin area, together with members of Human Rights organisations and Social Movements.
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  • 2004: Workshop on the Democratisation of Social Relations for the Citizenship School "Marta Pelloni", La Matanza Women’s Network/ PROFAM.

  • 2004: Series of workshops with women and men from the Teresa Rodríguez Unemployed Workers’ Movement

  • 2003: Seminar: Training Trainers for the Democratisation of Family Relationships. Supported by UNICEF
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    Book Democratización de las familias
    Book Guía de recursos para talleres de democratización de las familias