1st IAA Latin American Symposium on Small Satellites
General Schedule

Centro Cultural de la Ciencia (MinCyT)
Godoy Cruz 2270, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Tuesday March 7th

Wednesday March 8th

Thursday March 9th

Friday March 10th

Opening speeches
1st  Keynote Presentation

3rd Session

7th Session

11th Session

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

2nd to 4th Keynote Presentations

4th Session

8th Session

12th Session

Lunch Break
Lunch Break
Lunch Break
Lunch Break

1st Session

5th Session

9th Session

13th Session

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

15:20- 16:10
Poster and Stands Session

15:20- 16:10
Poster and Stands Session

15:20- 16:10
Poster and Stands Session

15:20- 17:05
14th Session

16:15- 18:00
2nd Session

16:15- 18:00
6th Session

16:15- 18:00
10th Session

17:15- 18:00
Conclusions and Awards.
Chaired by C. Varotto

Dinner for Program Committee and local authorities.


Gala Dinner at restaurant.


Call for papers

March 7 - 10, 2017 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

The International Academy of Astronautics’ symposium is hosted by the Colomb Institute (Universidad Nacional de San Martín and Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales)


Honorary Chairman:  
C. F. Varotto; CONAE - Argentina

R. Sandau; IAA - Germany
L. R. Gratton; Colomb Institute - Argentina

J. S. de Almeida; INPE – Brazil
A. Bonnema: ISISPACE – Netherlands
W. R. Cabañas; IAA - Guatemala
S. Camacho; CRECTEALC - Mexico
C. Cappelletti; UnB - Brazil
J.M. Contant; IAA – France
A. da Silva Curiel; SSTL - UK
R. Laufer; Baylor Univ. - USA
R. Nader; EXA - Ecuador
S. Nakasuka: UoT – Japan
S. Neeck: NASA – USA
F. Ongaro: ESA – Italy
M. Ovchinnikov; KIAM - Russia
R. Sanchez Peña; ITBA - Argentina
A  Valenzuela; IAA - Argentina



To provide a forum for scientists, engineers, managers and students, to exchange information about small satellites. Topics will cover the technological state of the art and the planned and on-going programs and missions. It will have a worldwide vision, but focused on the needs and developments of Latin America, and it is open to a general view but with emphasis on advanced technologies and distributed platforms and payloads.


  1. Small Satellites worldwide: achievements and trends.
  2. Small Satellites in Latin America: achievements and trends.
  3. Ongoing and projected Small Satellite projects with Latin American participation.
  4. Segmented architecture and Distributed Instruments.
  5. Small Satellite technologies. 



September 28th, 2016: call for papers  
January 20th, 2017: Abstracts due 
February 6th, 2017: notification to authors 
March 7th, 2017:Final paper due (max. 8 pages) 
March 7th to 10th, 2017:1st Symposium 
May 2017: Proceedings


You are invited to contribute a paper for presentation at the Symposium. A one-page, single-spaced abstract of no less than 350 and no more than 600 words is needed. Student papers are encouraged. 
Presentations during the Symposium will preferably be in English, however, presentations in Spanish will be considered, as there will be simultaneous Spanish to English translation available. The abstract must be in English.
The abstract must be sent by January 20th, 2017 to


Please ask for registration for the Symposium and for payment instructions by sending an e-mail to, or by calling +54-11-4724-1500 ext. 1389.
The fees before February 20th are in Argentine Pesos:
- For access to all sessions: $1000 (U$ 60)
- For Students: $320 (U$ 20)
- Stand: $4800 (U$ 300) (It includes access to all sessions for three people).

After February 20th, all fees are incremented by 50%. 


Advise for accomodation and travel to the venue


Please Check the information on the venue and how to get there at the end of this document,
as it has changed due to the high demand for registrations.


(to sell, to buy) as of February 17th.
1 Dólar:    15.36    15.81  pesos
1 Euro:     16.93    17.76  pesos
1 Real:       5.13      5.72 pesos
It is easy to change money on banks or currency exchange places (‘Casas de Cambio’), however, you might occasionally have some trouble getting money from an ATM machine with a foreign credit card. Usually changing money at the hotel will give you a worse exchange rate. We do not recommend you changing money on the street.
Some shops and restaurants will give you a fair price for your cash foreign currency, others will not. Look at the signs, or ask before your purchase. With credit card, it will be the nominal rate.

From Ezeiza airport to Downtown Buenos Aires.

You can take a remis, or a Bus service. The best known company is Manuel Tienda León. We do not recommend taking a taxi from the airport.
We recommend you take a Manuel Tienda León bus that will take you to their base at Retiro Station. If your hotel is a few kilometers from Retiro, you can also pay for their ‘extended trip’ service, and when you get off at their base in Retiro, they will take you to your hotel in a car or van shared with other passengers. (You have to tell them when purchasing the bus ticket at Exeiza, you cannot hire that service once you get to Retiro.)
Tickets can be bought right after you get out of customs and immigration, they have a booth.
The values are IN PESOS (you can purchase your ticket online before the trip, you can also pay with credit card or cash on arrival):
Bus Service:
Travel time to Retiro: 45 minutes- 1 hour
Cost: 190
Cost (with extended trip): 300
Remis Service  (up to 4 people per vehicle):
Travel time: 35 minutes - 1 hour
Cost: between 830 to 1000 pesos depending on amount of luggage.

From Aeroparque Airport to Downtown Buenos Aires.

The same suggestions apply. But time and cost are different:
Remis Service (up to 4 people per vehicle):
Travel time: 15 to 40 minutes
Cost : 318 to 378 pesos (depending on luggage)
Travel time: 25 to 40 minutes
Bus Service
Cost: 85
Cost (with extended trip): 115 to 145
If your hotel is not near Retiro, then you should take a taxi from Retiro to your hotel.

The Venue

Given the high demand for registrations to the event, the venue has been changed to the C3 Auditorium at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, located in Palermo, in the city of Buenos Aires.

How to make it to the venue
From Retiro:
Travel time:  40 mins   Cost: 130 pesos
Take the San Martín train line at Retiro Station (It is the station further away from Libertador Av., and closest to the Retiro Bus terminal). You can use the SUBE card, or buy a ticket at the station.

You get off the train at the 1st stop (PALERMO).
You get out off the station (you will be at Santa Fé Av.) and turn right, walk half a block, and turn right again into Godoy Cruz St. You walk 3 blocks and reach the venue.
Several options, one is bus 152, on Santa Fé Av. You get off at Palermo Train Station (when Santa Fé Av. Crosses Juan B. Justo Av.)  You need the SUBE card.
On Monday at 14:00 a person from the University will be waiting for Symposium attendees that wish to go ‘with a guide’, outside the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel (near Retiro, see map).  From there you will all go together to the venue by train to register.
On Tuesday at 07:45 in the morning someone will also wait at the same place. Please be there on time.

From Recoleta:
Travel time: 30 min Cost: 90 pesos
Several options you can look at with the interactive planner:
One is bus 152, on Santa Fé Av. You get off at Palermo Train Station (when Santa Fé Av. Crosses Juan B. Justo Av.) 
Another option is bus 59 on Las Heras Av. You get off at Godoy Cruz stop, and walk 3 blocks to the venue.
You need the SUBE card.
The stops are along Santa Fé Av. You take the D line towards ‘Congreso de Tucumán’, and get off at PALERMO station. You walk half a block to Godoy Cruz St., then walk 3 blocks to the venue at Godoy Cruz 2320.
You can also take the subway at Las Heras stop (H line), and transfer to the D line on the first stop (Santa Fé- Jauregui).

If you are not staying near Retiro or Recoleta, don´t hesitate to ask for advise!


Buenos Aires has an ample accommodation offer, and you should not have a problem finding a room in a hotel near Retiro, or Recoleta, even if you book last minute. We suggest doing it through www., or a similar site, and you can ask us before confirming the reservation to have a ‘local’ advice.
You might also find a hotel further from downtown and closer to the venue.





The high numbers of professionals and students wishing to attend the Symposium, required arranging for a new venue that could accommodate all people interested, causing a delay in publishing the details for registration. We apologize for the inconvenience.

There will not be an increase in fees after February 20th as was originally stated.
Registration closes at 2 PM of Friday March 3rd.

Before closing of registration, all residents in Argentina must send proof of bank transfer payment (a scanned copy by e-mail is valid), or have paid in cash at the Miguelete UNSAM campus. If for some particular reason this is not feasible, they should consult with the Colomb Institute staff at before close of registration.

All attendees residing outside of Argentina will be considered registered by a compromise of attendance via e-mail before close of registration. Payment will be expected during the event. The purpose of this implementation is to avoid international bank transfer fees.

All participants (except for invited authorities participating only in the Opening Ceremony on Tuesday 8th from 09:00 to 09:45) are required to register, including speakers, session chairs, poster presenters and stand exhibitors.

Methods of Payment:

  • Cash – Payment can be made at the Colomb Institute Office on the Tornavías building (located on the 1st floor, next to the office of ‘Programa Contra la Violencia de Género’). Ask for Mónica Lapiana.

Payments for Argentine residents wanting to pay in cash can be made from
Thursday February 23rd to Friday March 03rd from 11:00 to 13:00 hs.
If you need to arrange a different time, call +54-11-4724-1500 Ext. 1334
Payment for non-residents in Argentina, and for residents that made special arrangements, can be made on
Monday March 6th at the venue, from 11:00 to 13:00, and from 14:00 to 16:00, and on Tuesday March 7th, at the venue, from 08:30 to 08:50.


  • Bank transfer – Make a transfer to the following account:

 Banco: Banco Patagonia
Sucursal: Casa Central Nº 304, Av. De Mayo 701 Capital Federal
Cuenta Cte en pesos. Nº: 100593120  
CBU: 0340304200100593120001
C.U.I.T: 30-66247391-6
After the transfer, you must send the scanned copy of the transaction receipt to .

The fees in pesos are:
Students $ 320.-
Stands  $ 4.800.- (including registration for up to 3 people)
Other attendees: $ 1.000.-
Gala dinner (per person, added to the registration fee): $750.-

For the invoice for residents in Argentina, the following information is needed:

  • Organismo / Persona Física
  • Cuit
  • Razón Social / Nombre y apellido
  • Dirección
Recomendations for papers, posters, presentations and stands

Instructions to authors for the preparation of full paper (max eight pages)

Martin Buscher (1), Second Author (2)
(1) Technische Universität Berlin
Marchstr. 12, 10587 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 314 75872, Mail:
(2)  Company
Address 12, 10587 City, Country
Phone: +54 9 XXX XXX, Mail:

Abstract: A one paragraph abstract of not more than 200 words must be included at the beginning of the paper. It should be a summary (not an introduction) and complete in itself. The abstract should indicate the subject dealt with in the paper and should state the objections of the investigation. Newly observed facts and conclusions of the experiment or the argument discussed in the paper must be stated in summary form. Readers should not have to read the whole paper to understand the abstract. This instruction is written according to the Instructions to authors for the preparation of a full paper (max eight pages).

1. Introduction

The full paper of all accepted contributions (including those to be presented in the Poster Session) will be published in the Symposium Digest to be distributed after the symposium. For that purpose, they should be handed in before March 8th.
Submit your manuscript as a WORD file to Only English language will be accepted. To ensure the appropriate appearance of the manuscripts, authors should observe the following instructions.

2. Length Of Manuscript

Manuscripts are limited to eight single-spaced pages, including the abstract, references, tables and figures.

3. Typing Instructions

The size of the manuscript part of the page is 15.0 cm by 24.0 cm. If possible, the font Times New Roman, 12 pt., or similar looking fonts should be used.
The manuscript should be divided into sections, subsections and subsubsections with clearly marked subtitles and numbered numerically (e.g. 2.1.3). Type the main body of the text single-spaced and full justified. Leave one blank line between paragraphs and between paragraphs and headings/ subheadings.

3.1 Paper Title

The title of the paper is typed 16 pt., bold, the initial capitalized only and centered at the top of the page. The name of the author(s) is typed 12 pt. bold centered in upper and lower case letters. Affiliation(s) and complete address(es) are typed 10 pt. centered in upper and lower case letters. If you are a member of the IAA, please mark within parenthesis your member grade and section right after your name, that is, name of author (M3, for example).

3.2 Headings

Headings of the sections are typed 12 pt. in capital letters, placed flush left. Subheadings and sub-subheadings are typed 12 pt. in upper and lower case letters placed flush left.

3.3 Footnotes

Footnotes should appear only if absolutely necessary. Footnotes are typed 10 pt.

3.4 Illustrations and Captions

Please keep in mind that all figures and graphs will be reproduced exactly as you submit them. Therefore, make sure to provide them in an adequate quality. Place captions, numbered in their respective order, beneath the figures/tables.

3.5 Symbols and Abbreviations

Use only standard symbols in text and illustrations. Unusual units and abbreviations should be defined the first time they are used.

3.6 Equations

The numbers identifying equations should be placed in parentheses on the right. Please, make sure that no ambiguities arise.

4. Page Numbers

Do not apply page numbering.

5. References

References to published literature should be quoted in the text in brackets and grouped at the end of the paper in numerical order, typed 10 pt. and presented as follows:
 [1] J. K. Knowles and E. Reissner, Note on stress-strain relations for thin, elastic shells. J. Math. Phys.37,269-282 (1958)
 [2] H. S. Carslaw and J. C. Jaeger, Operational Methods in Applied Mathematics, 2nd edn. p. 121. Oxford University Press, London (1953)


Instructions to authors for the preparation of poster

For the presentation of the poster, you will be provided with a poster board of 0.92 m (width) x 1.46 m (length) and necessary means of attaching (pins).

The poster must be printed by the authors. If you need assistance with the printing, please ask via an email to

At least one author needs to be available during the poster session to present the poster. The presenter must register for the event.

The poster presents a paper, which has the same characteristics of a Presentation Session paper, and it must be provided to be included in the proceedings.

Prepare a title for the top of your poster, including author(s) and affiliation(s).

Keep in mind that the poster will be viewed from a distance. Use an appropriate size of letters.

The poster should describe the content of the illustration and the conclusions to be drawn from it.

Each illustration should have a heading or caption of one or two lines in large type stating the essential message. Detailed information in a legend in smaller type below may be provided.

You may prepare a hand-out on your poster so that conference participants who view it will have information for reference.

Instructions for stands

Stand holders will be provided with a table (1.4x0.9 m), 2 chairs and some space for banners / posters.

Banners might be hanged behind the table. The structure for this banners will be provided. The front of the table can be used to hang a paper/fabric with advertisement or information from your company. Pins for that effect will be provided.
Printouts and memorabilia from the company can be distributed at the stand.

The fee for a stand includes registration for up to three people to the Symposium. Please provide the information for registration via e-mail at before registration closes.

If stand-holders require additional assistance please ask at

Stands will be available for installation on Monday March 6th from 14:00 to 16:00 hs.

Instructions for presentations

It is asked that authors send their presentations in Power Point electronically to by Friday March 3rd, to allow the technical staff to check compatibility with the projection equipment.


Download Instructions