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International Office

The International Office works towards the internationalization of UNSAM, understood as “the inclusion of an international, intercultural or global dimension in study programs and in the teaching and learning processes.” Therefore, the promotion and management of "international activities, such as academic mobility for students and teachers, international links, partnerships and projects; and new academic programs and research initiatives of international character" are part of the area's responsibility.
Within this framework, the Office's mission is to promote the development and implementation of policies and programs that institutionally link UNSAM with universities and other educational institutions, research centers and governmental and non-governmental organizations, both at a regional and international level.

Activities International Office


Our Office stimulates and conducts the different internationalization projects that are developed within the different academic units and areas of the University. To this end, it provides technical advice and support in the various instances of internationalization.

Student Mobility

For the last 10 years, since the creation of the International Student Mobility Program (PIME, for its initials in Spanish), approved by the SC, our office provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to undertake periods of study for a semester or a year in a wide variety of foreign universities, facilitating the process of enrollment, stay and subsequent recognition of subjects taken. At the same time, it receives and guides dozens of exchange students who choose UNSAM for their stay at a foreign university.

Faculty Mobility

The International Office allows teachers from UNSAM to carry out research and teaching assignments in different foreign universities. To this end, it accompanies those who apply for various stages of mobility, guiding and advising our teachers and researchers.

Grants and projects

Through the area of grants and projects, our office regularly publishes national and international scholarships for research and teaching stays for graduate and undergraduate students as well as for teachers and researchers. It also provides assistance for the formation of international networks and the application to projects with internal or external funding of international nature.

International Agreements

The main activities of the International Office also include the development and elaboration of agreements with foreign institutions, and the advice to different areas of the university that are interested in signing international agreements.

Theoretical and Conceptual Development and Data Collection and Production

In this area there is a permanent culture of reflection on international dynamics and internationalization models, collecting and analyzing theoretical and conceptual proposals on the subject and actively participating in networks such as REDCIUN and RUNCOB for debate with peers as spaces for reflection on their own practice. On the other hand, through the systematization of data on the different internationalization activities and policies implemented, our office prepares periodic qualitative and quantitative reports and appraisals on the internationalization processes and their impact on the central functions of the university.



Valeria Pattacini  valeria.pattacini@unsam.edu.ar
Director International Office

Marcela Zozzaro  mzozzaro@unsam.edu.ar
In charge of administration and management

Lovisa Ericson  lericson@unsam.edu.ar
In charge of grants and projects

Laura Cozza  lcozza@unsam.edu.ar
Academic Internationalization - Communication
In charge of the Student Exchange Program (Incoming UNSAM)

Sofía Nielson snielson@unsam.edu.ar
In charge of agreements translations and administrative support

Enrique Martínez martineze@unsam.edu.ar
In charge of the data area