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Volunteer Work

We invite you to get involved and make a difference!
Located in a strategic area, the Campus Miguelete is a privileged space for local development and cooperation between public and private sectors. Most of San Martin´s population belongs to middle-low class sectors. In that context, the University goal is to support regional and national development to strengthen the community needs through our Reach Out Program.

Each year many University students, faculty, University staff and local residents participate together in a wide range of volunteer and service programs which cover many different areas, such as Gender, Childhood, Disability, Environmental Issues, Popular Economy and Literacy, among others.

At the same time, it is remarkable that, since 2008, UNSAM has created the University Center in San Martin Penitentiary, where inmates along with the staff of the penitentiary service attend classes of BA in Sociology, and participate in professional computer and baking workshops. There are currently 165 students taking different courses at CUSAM.

The Study Abroad Program offers students the possibility of being part of these activities upon request of your Home University.  If you are interested in finding a volunteer opportunity while completing your Study Abroad Program courses please contact us at [email protected]

Reach Out Program