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El Programa Study Abroad de la UNSAM recibió a estudiantes, profesores e investigadores de la Universidad de...
The Study Abroad Program welcomed about 60 Scandinavian students, who will do a semester at UNSAM. The group...
ICAS is a center devoted to promote high-quality collaborative research in areas of basic science. In 2018,...
The students finished their academic year at UNSAM's campus and looked back over their year in Argentina.
UNSAM, Argentine state university founded in 1992, has become a leader in higher education, research, cultural development and social transformation. More than a hundred undergraduate and graduate programs are offered in a variety of fields, which include the following:

  • Science and Technology
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Arts
  • Other areas

The campus is built around former railway lines and train repairshop buildings, and it has become a privileged space for teaching, research, cultural development and social interaction among members of UNSAM’s community.

It has developed strong, research-led partnerships with a range of leading universities in the world: UNSAM has signed nearly 400 international agreements, which have resulted in various research projects, as well as students and teachers’ exchange programs. The University is constantly open to new partnerships based on academic exchanges, teaching, joint research projects, special programs and innovation with universities and institutions.